Our Process

  • Our Process

Free Initial Consultation

We will meet with you at your home to discuss your remodeling needs and offer our professional advice.  Our goal is to help you to determine the feasibility and a budget range for your remodeling project.

      Design and Planning

We will design your project to suit your lifestyle and specific needs. This involves determining your priorities, assessing existing conditions, examining building code issues and helping you with product selection. This process can take as little as a few days on up to several months. For this service we charge a professional fee of between $300 and $3,000 that is applied towards the cost of your project upon signing a contract for construction with Magnotta Builders and Remodelers LLC.


After signing a construction contract, we apply for building permits, send work notices to our trade contractors and purchase orders to our suppliers. We use only the very best trade contractors and material suppliers who understand the remodeling process and share the same high standards that we do. They are as passionate about their work as we are and it shows in the finished product! We carefully schedule your project for maximum efficiency and minimum inconvenience to you and your family. Prior to beginning work on your home we have a pre-construction meeting with you to review and clarify details and address any questions or issues that may not have been covered. We are always available to answer your questions and to keep you abreast of developments during the course of your project


                                    Change Orders

Change orders from the original contract are a part of the remodeling process. Because it can negatively effect the schedule and cost of your project we try to minimize changes by careful planning prior to construction. But when changes are necessary they are done using a change order document that becomes an addendum to the original contract. Change order costs are collected in full at the time the change order is created.



We provide a one-year warranty on all work done by Magnotta Builders and Remodelers LLC and we pass on to you the warranty provided by our trade contractors and product manufacturers.

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